Eradicate Your Rodent Problem

Eradicate Your Rodent Problem

Speak with a rodent control pro serving Killeen, Belton, Harker Heights & Kempner, TX

Are rodents making themselves at home in your house? If you need help evicting unwanted guests from your space, turn to the pros at Stand Alone Pest Control, LLC today. Our rodent control team in Killeen, Belton, Harker Heights & Kempner, TX has experience removing everything from mice to Norway rats and roof rats.

When you need to get rid of rodents in a hurry, you can trust us to scurry to your home's defense. Call us at 254-743-8715 now to arrange for professional rodent control services.

Get expert service from a local rodent control pro

When you hire us for rodent control services in Killeen, Belton, Harker Heights or Kempner, TX, you can rest assured that mice and rats don't stand a chance. First, we'll try non-lethal solutions to rid your home of rodents. If those are ineffective, we'll place traps and bait set boxes.

Once the problem is resolved, our rodent control crew will inspect your home to locate and close off the areas mice and rats are using to enter your home.

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